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My name is Véronique Filloux. I'm a soprano, and in addition to an active performance career, I design websites and media for artists, creatives, and the occasional small business. Interested in learning more? Check out my portfolio below, learn a little about the services I offer, and drop me a message for details!

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Skills and Credentials

- Degree in writing from Northwestern University (magna cum laude) as well as two voice/opera degrees

- Multi-year job experience in professional writing for arts/humanities, copy editing, and marketing/communications for a public university's School of Music

- Proficiency in Photoshop and Premiere Pro (Adobe's video editing software)

Available Services

Website design. Get a custom site built just for you! This includes Search Engine Optimization (so you can be found on Google!) and quarterly check-ins where I'll update any necessary information, add new events to your schedule page, etc. If you already have an existing website that just needs a facelift or edits, I'm also happy to help there.

Copy editing. For those who need to write a bio, want help with resume content and formatting, or want someone to proofread their written materials.

Video and photo editing. For those who might need a headshot edited, promo photos altered, or even a video cropped and the video synced to audio from a separate source.



Quinn describes herself as strong, expressive, and witchy. (The phrase "cottagecore" was also thrown around.) She wanted a unique but classic font, natural tones, and lots of texture.



The first website I ever designed... my own! I wanted a site that threw focus to my singing-actor vibes, so block quotes and a photo-heavy layout are important to me. Purple is my favorite color, if you can't tell, and I love to balance muted, soft shades with strong pops of color.

my site.jpg


Cindy is a soprano and and advocate. The founder of Latina Women in Opera, she wanted her site to show glimpses of her advocacy but focus on her singing. She loves a clean, airy look that holds space for bold colors and traditional Mexican floral patterns.

cynthia l p header.jpg


Rachel is effervescent and expressive, and she needed a website to match! Bright primary colors and soft pinks with a handwritten accent font make this site feel personal, vibrant, and warm, and we integrate colors from her gorgeous photo shoots.

rachel site.jpg


Kyle does it all, and he wanted a website that put his music making at the forefront. Video banners and minimalist style draw visitors straight what matters the most: collaboration.

kyle site.jpg


Patrick is a baroque singer, a wonderful teacher, and a beam of light. He is a creative, colorful soul who wanted to balance his sensitive and vibrant self with a sense of baroque elegance with bright colors and ornate fonts.

pk site.jpg


Leah is a coloratura- her fach is bubbly and silly, and she is classy and centered. Her site needs to show both sides of her, so we went with an effervescent, nature-inspired color scheme with rounded, joyful fonts. She introduces herself as "Brzyski like 'whiskey'" which I just had to include to add some fun!

LEAH site.jpg


Therese wanted an airy, minimalist, clean site with a neutral color palette and a classy, Bridgerton-esque font family to go with her elegant new photos. Her site is evergreen and stylish, putting her work in the spotlight.



Sarah holds dual careers in Germany and the US, singing diverse rep with a particular emphasis on new works and baroque music. Her site uses geometric photo blocks, soft tones, and rich blacks to feel sophisticated and grounded.



Liz wanted something bold, sexy, and strong to go with her new red-on-red photos. We went with a sleek sans serif, fine lines and light white and cream bases to make the bright reds pop, and scroll effects for lots of life and motion.



Aaron wanted a bold, bright, and industrial site to reflect the suave, strong, powerful characters he loves to play. Bold sans serifs and a strong red accent are balanced by soft greys and blues pulled from the windows and metals in his promotional photos.



Emily was sitting on my living room floor in silence one day when suddenly she goes, "is hot pink and tangerine UNHINGED?" No. It absolutely is not. High-contrast negative space with pops of neon color bring out Emily's bold voice and bright, fun personality.


Véronique is incredible. She gave my outdated website a major facelift and totally redid it in about one week's time. Her designs are gorgeous, and she is simple, efficient and great to work with. She will innovate off of your ideas, respond to your feedback, and exceed your expectations!

Rachel Blaustein

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