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Recent reviews have praised Véronique for her "warm, sumptuous sound" and "radiant vocal ease." Opera News celebrated her "expressive, lovingly shaded soprano" as the titular Damoiselle Élue with Central City Opera (2019).

La damoiselle


La damoiselle élue

Central City Opera

July-August 2019

"Easily filling the church with an expressive, lovingly shaded soprano, Véronique Filloux portrayed the Damozel with an inviting mixture of sorrow and joy at the prospect that the two lovers might one day meet in heaven."

"...a magical experience."

opera news

The Chase

Pales | Bach's "Hunt Cantata"


Aricie, La chasseresse | Rameau's Hippolyte et Aricie (excerpts)

Music of the Baroque

October 2019

"As Pales, Véronique Filloux rendered the cantata's showpiece aria with a refined soprano..."

chicago classical review

"But it was soprano Véronique Filloux who drew the cantata's familiar hit tune, 'Sheep may safely graze'... Filloux imbued the aria with infectious buoyancy and joy."

chicago on the aisle

"...this imposing Phèdre was marvelously counterpoised by Filloux's agile singing as both Aricie and a huntress..."

chicago on the aisle

"The three soloists were also excellent... Véronique Filloux made a highly favorable impression in the role of a maiden shyly facing the attractions of the act of love, and she then produced some stratospheric tones at her moment of consummation."

the news-gazette

Carmina Burana


Soprano Soloist

Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra

October 2019

Pulpit & Playhouse

Soprano Soloist | Handel's Dixit Dominus

Soloist | The Fairy Queen (excerpts)

Music of the Baroque

May 2019

"Duet passages by Sherezade Panthaki and Véronique Filloux pierced the ear the way a full moon illuminates the night."

vocal arts chicago

"The five soloists all proved accomplished in the score’s challenges and their moments in the sun—particularly... the seamless blending of Panthake and Filloux in 'De torrente in via bibet.'"

chicago classical review

"Véronique Filloux brought a slender soprano and light sensual touch to 'I am come to lock all fast' and good cheer to 'Now the Night is chas’d away.'"

chicago classical review

“The Broadway-style “Moon-Faced, Starry-Eyed” is a standout number with swing dancing between Mae Jones (played by Veronique Filloux) and Dick McGann (portrayed by Christian Hoff).”

prince george's sentinel

Street Scene

Mae Jones

Maryland Opera Studio

April 2019guest alumna performance



Opera Lafayette

Washington, D.C. - The Kennedy Center

New York City - The Hunter Playhouse

February 2019

“Soprano Véronique Filloux had a warm, sumptuous sound as Tigrane.” ​

washington classical review

“Soprano Véronique Filloux as Tigrane and soprano Nola Richardson as Faarte were both delights, offering both charm and beautiful voices.” ​ 


"Fraarte and Tigrane... [possess] some lovely music which Nola Richardson and Véronique Filloux respectively dispatched stylishly." ​ ​


“In the two trouser roles of Tigrane and Fraarte, Véronique Filloux and Nola Richardson... deliver distinctive performances.” ​ ​ ​


“Rounding out the cast, two delightful sopranos, Nola Richardson and Véronique Filloux, both Opera Lafayette Young Artists, took on the roles of Tiridate’s two generals, his brother Fraarte and the young Prince Tigrane. Each wore spiffy military outfits and sang their delightful arias with a youthful élan that happily complemented the dancing soldiers with their sunglasses.”​ 

opera con brio



Papagena/The Old Woman

Central City Opera

July & August 2018

"...[Papageno's] duet with Papagena (Véronique Filloux), "Pa-pa-ge-na, Pa-pa-ge-no,"—enhanced by the shtick with the eggs—is a show stopper!"

colorado drama

"Soprano Véronique Filloux makes a charming impact ​at the end as Papagena." 

kelly dean hansen for central city opera

"Studio artist Véronique Filloux was cheerful and bright-voiced in [the role of] Papagena."

sharps and flatirons

"We did not hear soprano Véronique Filloux until that penultimate aria “If God be for Us, Who Can Be Against Us?” but her suave phrasing and sensuous soprano would have been welcome earlier in the oratorio."

san diego story



Bach Collegium San Diego

December 2019

"As Isifile, Véronique Filloux’s soprano brought warmth and a voluptuous sustained legato to her role as the spurned lover who wins Jason back in the end."

san diego story


Isifile, Queen of Lemnos

Opera NEO

August 2017

In Concert

Sophie | Der Rosenkavalier

Adina | L'elisir d'amore

Opera NEO

July 2017

"...soprano Véronique Filloux as Sophie received the silver rose with radiant vocal ease."

san diego story

"The other singers in this chamber work brought contrast and rich variety to the work. I was particularly taken with soprano soloist Véronique Filloux for her focused and delightfully balanced sound"

dc theatre scene

"Moody, Kilbride and Woody, joined by soprano Véronique Filloux, gave the choruses vocal lilt matching the musicians’ bounce."

the washington post

"We enjoyed the soprano of Véronique Filloux, the countertenor of Daniel Moody, the tenor of Patrick Kilbride, and the bass-baritone of Jonathan Woody, all of whom were exceptionally delightful to the ear."

voci di meche

"The vocal ensemble was full of striking voices and personalities... Véronique Filloux, Jonathan Woody, and Patrick Kilbride shone in brief solo opportunities."

 gay city news

Venus and Adonis

Shepherdess; Soprano Soloist

Opera Lafayette

Washington, D.C. - The Corcoran Gallery

New York City - Museo del Barrio

November 2019